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In Memory of my Father, Gary Hackman
November 9th, 1955 - July 4th, 2017


Beautiful Ride

The places I've been with you at my side, like that cool January Tahoe night.
It was then all the world was right.
Just pull the string and I'll wink at you, nothing in the world that I wouldn't do.
Mama I'm yours, on this beautiful ride
Beautiful Ride, Beautiful Ride.

You know I never meant to make you cry, it really didn't matter who was wrong or right.
These were just lessons that we learned in time.
On our Beautiful ride, Beautiful ride.

It's seems though lately we've been running on faith, but I guess that's just the chance we take
Just like fireworks on the 4th of July, reach on up and touch the sky...
You know it's been such a Beautiful Ride.
Beautiful Ride, Beautiful ride.

So take a breath and sleep well tonight , There's no need to worry about goodbye's,
I'm waiting here with my arms open wide, at the end of your beautiful ride.
Beautiful Ride, Beautiful Ride