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Neil Morrow is one of Laughlin's favorite entertainers!”

— The Laughlin Entertainer Magazine

Neil Morrow along with his band Memphis 54, are a highly entertaining, crowd pleasing, variety act! From Classic Rock, Rock n Roll, Rockabilly and Country, Neil Morrow's repertoire of songs is quite impressive. Neil Morrow & Memphis 54 is a definite guarantee of a good time!

Born and raised in Anaheim, Ca, Neil knew at an early age that he wanted to play music. It wasn't the current sounds on the radio at the time that sparked his interest, but it was something a little older...
"My parents had these collections of "Time Life Music Collection of the 50's" records and cd's, so I would pop them in the player and listen. I would play them over and over, and really absorb and studied the music." Neil says. "It really became an obsession! When somebody asked "who sang that one song??", I could always tell them the artist and the year. I loved it!"

It was for his 10th birthday that Neil received the gift of a lifetime... an electronic keyboard. From then on, Neil was determined to learn to play the songs he knew and loved.  In school, Neil became active in the music programs and performing arts.  "I could always count on music and laughter to make friends throughout middle school and high school." Neil recalls. "At a time when life is suppose to be a little awkward for a teenager, I felt good and had some confidence. Not a lot, but some!" Jokes Neil.

Soon after high school, Neil began to frequent lounges around Orange County, just to catch a glimpse of any live band. "Even though I wasn't old enough to get in, I would talk to the managers of these place, and beg them  just to let me sit in the lobby to hear the music!" Says Neil. "They knew I wasn't there to drink, I just wanted to hear the music, so they would let me stay. It was really a great time in my life."

It was a little lounge in the City of Orange, called "Ozzie's" that gave Neil his very first gig. "I built up enough courage one day to ask the manager if I could work there. She then handed me an application to fill out and told me they had a dish washing position available.  I told her that I meant I wanted to perform there!" Says Neil. " I didn't even have a band! But if she gave me a date, I'd put together one by then. And that's what I did!"

After that, Neil set out and began booking himself around Orange County at local venues that would have him back on a regular basis. Once his experience and popularity grew, Neil began to book himself at other venues beyond OC. Over the years, Neil found himself performing in Las Vegas, Laughlin, and Reno.

"The Casinos always seemed to appreciate the music I played, because it was different than what was normally played every other weekend. Plus I really liked involving the audience, which led to them having a great time, drinking more and spending more money!!" Neil laughingly says. "At least that's what the bosses would tell me."

Now with a schedule of around 200 shows a year, Neil keeps quite busy living his dream of being a professional entertainer. Not only performing with his band, but also working as a Dueling Piano player. A form of entertainment that involves music and comedy, two of Neil's favorite things.  Now after being in the business for nearly 25 years, Neil's career has led him to some notable performances and experiences. Neil has recorded music and appeared on "Sister Act 2", "E.R." and recently the Netflix reboot series of "Full House", titled "Fuller House", just to name a few.

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Neil w/ John Stamos on drums